Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

There is no designer who does not need free vector images ready for use, especially if they are completely free and can be used for commercial purposes. Vector files are very important for any designer, and that is why most websites offer these vectors files or images for sale in high prices usually, but in this article we have chosen for you the Best 10 Free Vector Websites for downloading vector files completely for free, which you can use as you like without restrictions or attribution.

Of course, Some of these websites you will need to register an account, and there are some where you can browse and access the content and download the vector files you like with one click out for charge, so let’s find out the best free vector websites out there:

1. Pixabay

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

The first website on our list is the well-known Pixabay, which is not particularly for vectors, but this one contains a huge number of ready-to-design assets in all formats, for all designers.

Pixabay contains 1.9 million images and 80.000 free vector open source for full and free use without restrictions or attribution, and from the top menu you can choose the type of file you are looking for, and as you can see the website has everything related to design. You can download what you want for free for personal or commercial use, all images and vector files on the website has no copyright.

2. unDraw

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

unDraw is one of the best websites to download open source and free vector files, and you can use them for any purpose you want, even for commercial purposes, without any conditions.

This wonderful website, which contains a huge library of vector graphics, was created by the Greek Katerina Limpitsouni and in here you will find all disciplines and fields, and you can play with the colors of vector or vector graphics before downloading them, the website is known for its simplicity and uncomplicatedness. Once you choose the image you want, you will find the option to download below it, and by clicking on it, the vector file will be downloaded directly. You may also try out gonzos quest to experience the vivid and smooth gameplay without having to invest any money.

3. Flaticon

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Flaticon gives you access to +4.9M vector icons & stickers, over a million of which are free vector icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE 64 formats, and Flaticon collects them in groups to make it easier for you to search as well as download.

On Flaticon, you can find icons and vector files for many fields and purposes, such as social media, management and accounting, animals, study and many other things, and you can download a set of files at once and for free.

4. Freepik

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Freepik is a treasure for any designer due to the huge amount of design files that it provides for free, whether for Photoshop, Illustrator or any other design software. The website has, as we mentioned, countless free files such as vector, png images, background images, and many more different types of files.

Type anything that comes to your mind in the search bar, and you will see many results on the subject, choose what you like and download it for free. The website also provides paid files for premium membership, but you will not often need it because there plenty of free files on anything you want, whether PSD or AI files, PNG images, logos, vector .. etc.

5. Openclipart

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Openclipart is a pioneer in this field, it was established in 2004, and it includes a huge number of vector files and PNG images, this website also gathers great designers from all over the world, while they offer original images and vectors to download for free.

The interface of the Openclipart website is simple, easy to use and convenient, so you will find what you are looking for quickly. When you choose a vector file or vector image to download, you will find several options and qualities, as well as that you can use these files for any purpose you want, whether personal or commercial.

6. Vector4Free

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Vector4Free is also rich in many free vector files, and it includes many files in all subjects that you can use for free and without restrictions or attribution of their use in most cases.

Once you enter the Vector4Free website, thousands of vector files will appear in front of you that you can download and use in your designs for free, but among the files you will find those that do not require attribution and also those that require attribution, chose what serves you best!

7. VectorStock

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

The famous VectorStock, which is like a magical bag for designers that they can’t do without it, simply anything you want for your designs and projects you will find on VectorStock for free.

At the top of the VectorStock website, you will find the Free Vectors option, when you click on it, you will see all the free Vector files on the website, then you can search for the free files option because the website also includes paid vector files for Premium membership.

8. Thenounproject

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Thenounproject is no less important than the websites we mention before, as it is the largest library of original and copyright-free vector icons and includes a large number of free photos as well.

Thenounproject website is organized and arranged in the form of classifications and groupings to facilitate browsing and searching for icons or images easily. All photos and icons on the website are original and free, and you can use them freely in your designs, whether as a personal or commercial use.

9. Pixeden

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Pixeden is a wonderful and professional website that has everything a designer might need in his designs and projects from mockups, icons, fonts and vector files as well, and you can download what you want for free.

The interface of the site is also professional and clean, this makes it easy for you to search and download your files, whether for Photoshop or AI files for Illustrator, and all the formats are available on Pixeden free of charge. In addition to the vector files we mentioned, there are open-source files such as cards, logos, covers, as well as Mock Up and many other free files.

10. Vecteezy

Best 10 Free Vector Websites That Will Serve You Well

Vecteezy is one of the largest vector file websites, and it is affiliated with the Eezy group specialized in the field of design and graphics, and they have several websites similar to Photoshop extensions and files, a website for motion graphics and another for WordPress templates..etc.

VectorEezy provides a huge amount of free vector files that you can use as you want in your designs, and there are also paid vector files that you need to buy to use, in addition to that, you, in turn, can upload your designs on the site, either for free or for sale, and hundreds of Victor files are added daily site on various subjects and fields.


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