15 Best Creative Brochure Templates (Great Designs 2023)

Regardless of the field in which you work, your product or company will not market itself, but you are the one who has the responsibility to do so. There are no magic marketing strategies, but effective marketing tools that contribute to attracting customers and increasing the spread of the brand. Marketing brochures are among the most important marketing tools that have proven resounding success and attracted many customers and investors while granting abundant revenues to employers.

Because we know how much of a challenge you face in the market and that we want you to promote your business positively and impressively, we have chosen for you a selection of the best astonishing brochure templates that will shine and stand out for your brand.

These Best Creative Brochure Templates contain features and components you will never find in free ones, and at the same time, their prices are reasonable, their designs are fresh, they have striking colors, and properly distributed elements. All brochures are easily editable in Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, allowing you to put your touches and add your content.

1. Restaurant and Fast Food – Trifold Brochure Template

Best Creative Brochure Templates

If you own a restaurant and want to explain the services you offer the customers in a stunning way? Use this Restaurant/Fast Food – Trifold Brochure Template which is an effective marketing tool for your brand name. It is a smart and noticeable template that is editable and printable. Use it now and enjoy the success and prevalence.

2. Company Profile – Professional Brochure Template

Best Creative Brochure Templates

Who doesn’t want his business to be distinguished and fruitful? This Company Profile brochure template with its unusual design, coordinating colors, and elegant divisions help you persuasively market your business and positively influences those who see and read it. Buy it you will love it.

3. Proposal – Editable Brochure Template

15 Best Creative Brochure Templates (Great Designs 2021)

When proposing a specific project or partnership, the proposal must be delivered in a convincing manner that attracts the attention of the other party and finally accepting it. This bi-fold Proposal brochure template helps you present your proposal with confidence. Each page is skillfully designed to meet your expectations.

4. Corporate Trifold Brochure

Best Creative Brochure Templates

As a company owner, you must be looking for the perfect brochure that contributes to the publicity of your company and the products it offers. The Corporate Trifold Brochure plays a strong role in the real-world marketing process, it has an elegant and attractive design, all its elements are neatly distributed and arranged so that it is easy to read all the details in it.

5. Trifold Brochure Restaurants Food

Best Creative Brochure Templates

Having launched your restaurant and want to market it? Look no further, we have chosen this creative Trifold Brochure Restaurants Food for you. You can modify it to make a perfect menu. Just add the foods and drinks offered by your restaurant and let it draw customers’ attention and open their appetite to eat more!

6. Travel Brochure

Best Creative Brochure Templates

This Travel Brochure serves tourism and travel companies that organize joyful trips for travelers. It is a bi-fold brochure with a clear and chic design. It is easy to add pictures and any content you want so the traveler can see the places he will visit and the services provided by the company.

7. Landscape Brochure

Best Creative Brochure Templates

The Landscape Brochure reflects the true meaning of perfect design. Used by successful companies seeking to develop their business and increase the spread of their brand, this elegant and sophisticated brochure is designed with the famous InDesign program according to the highest quality specifications and besides it is editable and ready to print.

8. Modern Hotel Trifold Brochure

Best Creative Brochure Templates

The modern look of the brochure draws attention to its content and makes it more attractive, isn’t that exactly what you need to offer your hotel services! This is what you will find in the Hotel brochure template, which contains features that you will not find in free templates, all of which are editable and customizable as you wish.

9. Agenogency | Trifold Brochure

9. Agenogency | Trifold Brochure

Don’t risk the future of your organization and your brand with plain and dull brochures, we recommend this Agenogency | Trifold Brochure, which features a bold design, square dimensions, and smart elements to wow the audience. This brochure will contribute to taking your brand to new heights and promoting your business with the utmost professionalism.

10. Minimalist Fashion – Brochure

10. Minimalist Fashion - Brochure

Tired of boring, traditional brochure templates that don’t match your business or brand? Don’t worry about this Fashion Brochure template you are guaranteed to excel and give your brand a modern and unique sense. Clean template to gracefully showcase your products and services. Customizable to suit your marketing requirements.

11. Drink Coffee Trifold Brochure

Drink Coffee Trifold Brochure

Wouldn’t you like to show the amazing services and drinks that your cafe offers? This unique Trifold Brochure – Coffee Menu template is a solid choice if you are looking to shine and stand out. It matches your brand with balanced elements that are easily adaptable and will help you present your services in an attractive and innovative style.

12. WANDERERS Photography Brochure

WANDERERS Photography Brochure

Your passion for creativity is what pushed you to enter the world of photography, which requires being creative and away from monotony. That is why this Creative Photography Portfolio template is very suitable if you want to promote your business and your style. It is an innovative bi-fold template that satisfies your expectations, consisting of 24 A4 pages to show your high effectiveness in your work and convey your ideas in an eye-catching manner.

13. Medical Brochure Templates

Medical Brochure Templates

Working in the medical field which is all about care, the Medical Brochure template is the perfect choice to show how much you concerned about people’s health and how you always present sound solutions for their problems to keep them healthy. Add your clinic or hospital logo and the services you deliver and let it take your work to a higher level.

14. Social Media Half-fold and Tri-fold Brochures

Social Media Half-fold and Tri-fold Brochures

it is sufficient to say this template has five gold stars to feel safe and satisfied when using it. This social media Half-fold and Tri-fold Brochure template is one of the best-selling templates, and it has proven its effectiveness and success in marketing which makes everyone take a look on it. Promote your brand and spread it around with this template and its brilliant features to discover.

15. Gym & Fitness Brochure

Gym & Fitness Brochure

Modern and inspired design with bleed lines and full energy colors is what you need when choosing a winning brochure for your club or gym with these unique features and many others you will find in this Gym & Fitness Brochure template. buy it you will love it.


Brochures help you in marketing your product or company successfully and effectively, and all the brochures we have provided for you here are flexible, customizable, and easy to read designed to suit your requirements and amaze viewers and readers. They only need to add your personal touches with your content so you don’t worry about design anymore and save time while maintaining best results. Improve your products presence and develop your services to remain among the strong competitors in the market and to keep your brand well-known.


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