20+ Best Creative PowerPoint Templates (For 2022 Presentations)

Isn’t it nice to hear words of praise and admiration after your presentation? Don’t you want your showcase to be captivating, memorable, and unforgettable? Aren’t you looking to stand out and outpace your competitors and show your competence? So why do you insist on using the traditional and dull templates found on the internet when there are creative templates that suit your creative ideas and are worth a try?

We’ve collected 20+ Best Creative PowerPoint Templates (For 2022 Presentations) for you to shine with in your next presentations and trust that you will be amazed at the positive results that these mesmerizing templates will bring you.

Although these templates are carefully designed and pay attention to the smallest details, they are flexible and adjustable so you can change any detail that does not satisfy your taste and get the final look you want, take a look at these templates:

1. Project Proposal PowerPoint Template

Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

Preparing a project proposal in an appropriate, understandable, and clear format is one of the most important factors that affect access to funding and the desire of entrepreneurs to gain support from donors to bring their projects to success. Therefore, an appropriate template must be used for this purpose. We recommend the customizable Project Proposal PowerPoint Template, which comes with 153 Unique slides and more than 3000 vector icons with many other features, it can be downloaded as a Google Slide and Keynote version as well.

2. HR Human Resources PowerPoint Template

Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

The HR department of any company aims to guide employees within the company’s boundaries by providing all the necessary tools for training, learning, and advising. HR Human Resources PowerPoint Template is an excellent template designed for HR presentations. This template is fully customizable, featuring many smart elements. And vector icons as well as slides that are needed for any presentation of this type, such as: Work schedule Leaves and holidays, Office rules & regulations, Major responsibilities, Office equipment and benefits, Salary Insurance & benefits.

3. KPI Dashboards PowerPoint PPT Template

Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

KPIs are of great importance in every company or directorate, and it is a major reason for organizing public affairs in any work center, which helps in arranging priorities and goals to make the work plan run accurately and avoid all expected errors. Here’s one of the best purpose-built KPI Dashboards PowerPoint PPT Template that comes with 40 creative slides, and more than 3000 vector icons. All elements of this template are fully customizable with just one click. Among its slides, you will find: CMO KPI Dashboard, Project Management Dashboard, Sales Tracker KPI Dashboard.

4. Marketing Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

Every marketer needs specific tools to make the work easier and be able to achieve the expected success and sales, and all these tools are present in one place, which is the amazing Marketing Toolbox PowerPoint Template, which includes 800 editable vector icons, in addition to professional infographics and distinctive modern fonts and colors. Yes, it is an efficient template, get it now and enjoy its features.

5. Hexagon – PowerPoint Template

Best Creative PowerPoint Templates

What do you think about unleashing your ideas and presenting them convincingly and innovatively that draws attention to you and highlights your professionalism and uses the captivating Hexagon – Powerpoint Template to achieve your goals with it, which provides more than 110 animated genius slides. This template gives you the freedom to control all its elements and details and modify them without facing any errors or difficulties with just a few clicks.

6. 30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template

30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template

If there’s one thing that can help you stand out from other job seekers it’s a 30-60-90 day plan, the 30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template is designed to help you define actions you intend to take during your first three months on the job, setting clear goals and a vision for your skills. At every stage of the plan, this theme includes 25 unique and upscale slides, 90 color themes, +3000 smart icons, and plenty of other features you need to complete your presentation.

7. Purple Teal White Business Company Profile

Business Company Profile

Don’t want a powerful template that supports your presentation and communicates your creative ideas in a captivating way to investors and clients? Here’s the Purple Teal White Business Company Profile 007 template, it’s inspired by the royal purple color, this template gives you a sense of confidence. In addition to its elegant design, this template is distinguished by its clever customizable components, as it comes with 30 elegant slides, this template supports drag and drop feature for container slides on images, and 16:9 Wide Screen Ratio, and you will also find wonderful vector and graphic icons.

8. Sales Proposal PowerPoint Template

Sales Proposal PowerPoint Template

As a business owner who wants to increase your sales, you know that you will need a strong sales strategy or plan that includes the actions you plan to implement to promote your products or services, use the Sales Proposal PowerPoint Template to highlight the tactics and goals you need to achieve to increase your sales. This template features leading specifications and includes many icons and smart items, as well as unique and varied slides, including: Scope of Work, Proposed Product, Business Opportunities, Company Background, Our Strengths, Management Team, Key Personnel, Our Awards, and more.

9. Best Innovation Management PowerPoint Template

Innovation Management PowerPoint Template

There is no one-size-fits-all system, and it is a mistake to think that what works for a particular organization will work for yours. But such a clear innovation strategy will help you design a system that fits your specific competitive needs. We recommend that you use the beautiful Best Innovation Management PowerPoint Template, which consists of 30 creative slides that feature an innovative and unique design. This template is fully adjustable, so you can freely change the sizes of its elements, icons, colors, and positions. Plus, Google Sides and Keynote version is available.

10. Aneta PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Templates

Your professionalism is not only shown in preparing the appropriate content for your presentation, but also in choosing the appropriate template for it, so choose a template that positively affects the audience just by looking at it as the outstanding Aneta Powerpoint Template, which includes +75 carefully designed animated slides, and lovable vector elements and icons necessary for any presentation Successful, as it supports 16:9 screen ratio, you will enjoy adding any type of content to this template because it is easy to use and any modification you will make will only need one click from you.

11. Azure Report PowerPoint Theme

Report PowerPoint Theme

Harmonious and balanced elements, harmonious colors, and attractive design are the most prominent features of the beautiful Azure Report PowerPoint Theme, which consists of 44 easy to use slides, you can include any content in this template, whether images or text, it supports the drag and drop feature for slides containing images, and to attract the attention of the audience provides This template is vector icons and gives you the freedom to control their colors and sizes to suit your taste.

12. Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint PPT Template

Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint PPT

If you are thinking of working in a new market, you must have a strategy that helps you discover the features of this market before venturing with your money, and the go-to-market strategy is an important challenge facing the entrepreneur at the beginning, be smart and show your competence by choosing the matchless. Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint PPT Template With its features and specifications to meet all your needs and desires, this template comes with 34 smart and clean slides, more than 3000 vector icons with 9 color themes and supports 4:3 & 16:9 Aspect Ratios, and it is also available in Keynote and Google Slides versions.

13. Medivub – Medical & Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Medical & Healthcare PowerPoint Template

Because medicine and healthcare is a sensitive field and any tiny mistake can lead to catastrophic consequences, ideas must be communicated with care and care This is why Medivub – Medical & Healthcare PowerPoint Template is designed to present any content carefully and carefully and communicate ideas simply, clearly and in an easy to understand manner, this template comes with 40 clean and elegant slides, featuring elements indispensable to any presentation such as attractive fonts, smart elements, and vector icons, you can also include text content or images, this template is fully customizable with unprecedented ease.

14. Project Plan PowerPoint Template

Project Plan PowerPoint Template

If you have a project that you want to start from, it is good to look at exactly what you want to achieve first, and how you cooperate with your team to achieve it, and this is known as preparing a well-thought-out plan to determine the workflow, save your time and effort and use the directly ready-to-use Project Plan PowerPoint Template, with the ability to add Your special touches to make it more beautiful. This template includes a wide variety of ingenious icons and fonts, in addition to various slides such as Project Risk Tracking, Communication Plan, Project Summary, Project Planning Process, Project Scope, Project Objectives, Awards, Project Status Dashboard, and more.

15. Madac – Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Most companies often hold annual meetings to present their achievements during the previous year and the goals they are still striving to achieve. If you are preparing to prepare an annual report and want to present it to your team interestingly and attractively, you should choose Madac – Annual Report PowerPoint Template for several reasons, the most important of which are the professional design, its customizability, and the ability to modify all its elements. This template comes with 40 ingenious slides that are easy to use, containing many vector icons and Graphics and Picture Placeholder, it also supports a 16:9 Wide Screen Ratio.

16. Be. Powerpoint Presentation Template

Powerpoint Presentation Template

Double the chance of the success of your next presentation and choose a template with which you will beat your competitors and prove your ingenuity. Choose Be. Powerpoint Presentation Template that shines with magic and inspiration. This template includes +125 unique and diverse slides, to present your ideas convincingly and attractively. Use the smart icons provided by this template, all of which are vector-type. You are not satisfied with their colors and sizes? Change them easily and without any errors, and the touch of distinction will be using charming fonts, this template provides a wide range of fonts for you to choose from that expresses your personality.

17. Vegapunk : Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

The creativity of Vegapunk: Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template lies in its simple and bold design, and the gradation and contrast between light and dark colors, which will give an attractive appearance to the content that you will provide and help you highlight important information and clarify complex information and make it easy to understand and comprehend. The template comes with many features, including: Fully editable text, RGB color mode Image Placeholder with Slide Master

18. Studio Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

Be bold and choose a template that is unlike others like Studio Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template. Deceptively simple, thanks to its genius design and calm colors, it will captivate the audience just by looking at it. Studio Minimal suits your genius ideas, and offers 120 unbeatable animated slides, with modern fonts and charming infographics to make your content shine, and don’t forget the smart vector icons, get it now and impress everyone with your taste and ideas.

19. MAON – PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template PPT

To ensure the success of your presentations, stay away from random templates, and choose a template that is not cluttered, characterized by its simplicity, attractiveness, and integration of its elements, such as the elegant MAON – PowerPoint Template. This template comes with +70 attractive slides with supporting shapes, icons, mockups, you can control and edit all the elements of this template with just one click, Retina, and Full HD and you will find more details inside the “Documentation”.

20. Power – PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint PPT Template

By choosing Power – PowerPoint Template, you will ensure a captivating visual embodiment of your ideas and aspirations, and you will succeed in drawing attention to your talent and skills. This template includes +129 successful slides that fit the content you intend to display of any kind and to enhance and support your presentation. Power – PowerPoint Template provides icons and vector-type elements that you can modify, like changing its size and color, if you want an unbeatable offer, get this template without hesitation.

21. Medipro Medical Presentation Template

Medical Presentation Template

At this time and with the outbreak of diseases and epidemics, human health has become what concern the most, and as you work in the medical field, your task is to spread awareness among people and guide them on how to enhance their immunity so that they can resist and overcome diseases, Medipro Medical Presentation Template will help you with this task, with its precision design, ease of use, and customizability, 55 unique, animated slides, and attractive infographics, and an endless choice of colors that this template offers you.


Closing words: Do not underestimate the importance of caution when choosing a PowerPoint template for your presentation because it will contribute effectively to its success or failure, so do not risk searching here and there but rather choose a template that suits your taste among the 20+ Best Creative PowerPoint Templates (For 2022 Presentations) that are easy to use, customizable, editable and distinctive You will not find templates similar to it.


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