10+ Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software nowadays so that many PowerPoint templates are available out there. People use Microsoft PowerPoint ready-made templates because they want to make their presentations more professional and try to save more time, so they can spend that time on improving their presentation skills or content. However, it’s difficult to find best sites to get Free PowerPoint Templates on the internet.

If you want to find Best PowerPoint templates which are both free and professional, you are in the right place because we have selected you the best free PPT templates sources available. Whether you are a teacher, a businessman, a doctor or a student, as long as you need to make presentations, you will always need PPTs websites you can rely on. This collection of PowerPoint templates sources includes both classic and modern templates that covers all the needed fields and domain. All you have to do is to do a quick search in one of these Free PowerPoint templates websites.

Here are the Best 10+ best website to find free ppt templates:

1. Behance – PPT Template Collections

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Behance is one of the best design and art websites of all kinds. It is considered one of the distinguished websites for providing ready-made, free PowerPoint templates. The website has a platform for planned presentations that enables you to present with great visual effects, making your topic an interesting and vibrant story. Search within the Behance website for their awesome PowerPoint templates by writing “ppt template” or “powerpoint template” and you will find dozens of amazing themes divided into several fields suitable for everyone.

2. Nulivo Marketplace

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Do you want free ready-made and elegant PowerPoint templates at the same time? Are you doing an important presentation but you don’t have enough money or time or chance to risk with cheap old PPTs? your best is option is Nulivo which set of free templates cover all major topics and what’s great about it is that the premium quality it has. Don’t believe me? Take a look!

3. Google Slides Templates

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Google Slides templates is not only what its name suggests, but a library of elegant, trendy, and royalty-free PowerPoint templates which you can use for your upcoming presentations to save a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to go through a boring registration process to use the free PowerPoint templates on this website, you also get useful links that can help you if you’re new to creating presentations in Google Slides, or thinking of switching to it.

4. Showeet

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Maybe doesn’t have the largest library, nor the best website design, but it definitely has some of the best free PowerPoint templates that come with enough information about each one to help you, and you can browse the popular ones by tags such as marketing, business, editable and more. Each download page comes with preview images, instructions and tips on how to use the template and make the most of it.

5. Slide Hunter

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

If you are looking forward to a presentation with a group of friends or a coworker, Slide Hunter will be the best in providing ready-to-edit PowerPoint templates, because it allows you to upload templates and share them with others, and it has great templates for industrial, commercial and professional presentation categories and different topics including strategy, education, planning, charts, cycle, 3D, arrows and more.

6. Free PowerPoint Templates Design

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Do you offer presentations in different areas and need one website that has it all? Then PowerPoint Templates is best suited to get ready-made and well-designed PowerPoint templates for every occasion, from sales presentations to festive presentations, and it also has some modern abstract designs for those who want something unique.

7. SlideSalad

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

You don’t have to be a skilled designer to create awesome slides or spend a lot of time and effort to have a catching PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides, with SlideSalad presentation templates, everything is ready. What you need to do is just search for and pick the template that fits your needs. Customize and edit anything you want in it, add your text, images, and personal touch to get it done instantly. That’s it!

8. 24Slides

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

This website makes finding a free PowerPoint template so easy because of how simple and direct it is. Although it needs registration but the templates are professionally designed, clean, and easy to find as it organizes them by category, featured, or most popular, and you can also filter them by creative or corporate. You get to see screenshots of each template so you can be 100% sure of your choice before downloading.


Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Does your organization have an event on the weekend or various annual holidays? Want a presentation that fits these holidays or even businessmen and medical professionals, then a website like FPPT would be just right for you, because it not only has templates in these categories, but the website has a variety of presentations for arts and crafts with +12.000 PowerPoint template!

10. Microsoft Office Templates

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

We can’t forget the official repository of free PowerPoint templates that provide you with lively and persuasive slides to impress your audience. Get this free ready-made PowerPoint template from their website or from within PowerPoint via File -> New and lighten up your presentations, with amazing designs that will make your presentation attractive and compelling.

11. Slides Carnival

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Slides Carnival is a great way to get free and simple, yet well done, PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. You can use the handy menus on the site to find templates, type a keyword in the search bar, browse the most recent themes, or even sort them through the well-defined categories. The site also offers enough info and preview pics and comments section so that you can make a better decision.

12. SlideBean

Best Sites to Get Free PowerPoint Templates

Now creativity will not require you to spend long hours, with ready-made PowerPoint templates provided by SlideBean, you will save all the time you need to come up with a creative idea and design for your presentation, as you can create a professional-looking business presentation platform in a matter of minutes, instead of hours, you can also use their ready-made free templates.


Whether you are a student who wants to present a PowerPoint presentation at the university or a content maker on YouTube, you will definitely put this list in your favorite websites and perhaps share it with your friends to benefit. But don’t just rely on downloading ready-made PowerPoint templates, as relying on various sources to make presentations is as effective as searching for images and animations that fit your presentation. You should also add your own touch to the PowerPoint file so that your presentation does not look like other designs.


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