20+ Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates (and How to Use Them)

A fishbone analysis diagram, also called a “cause-and-effect diagram” and “Ishikawa diagram”, is a tool for analyzing a problem by identifying possible causes for the purpose of finding a set of integrative solutions to the problem.

It is a schematic technique from Japanese quality control statistician Karo Ishikawa of the University of Tokyo. It can be used to distinguish and rank the causes of an event, problem, or outcome. It also depicts the relationship arranged schematically between the causes according to their level of importance or detail and as a given result.

The reason for calling it the fish skeleton diagram is that the final form of this diagram is similar to the skeleton of a fish after you remove the meat from it, as the head of the fish represents the main problem and each sub-bone of the spine represents the main elements of this problem.

The fishbone tool is a great tool for analyzing problems with the participation of those responsible for this problem or those responsible for the main elements that may be the cause of this problem, whether this problem is personal or at a problem of companies and organizations, large or small, this planning diagram helps to analyze and find all factors and causes, no matter how big, small or trivial, which may be the main influencing and leading cause of the big problem.

Features of Fishbone Analysis Model:

Ishikawa identified some of the benefits that can be achieved from applying this model, which go as follows:

1. It helps the problem-solving team to approach the problem with focus, thus eliminating non-essential elements and saving time in studying the problem.

2. The model helps the team to gather detailed information about the problem and its specifics.

3. This model can be used in analyzing all kinds of problems.

Ishikawa Summarized The Benefits Of Fish Bone As Follows:

– Participation in the process provides good opportunities for learning through group interaction that helps each individual benefit from the experiences of the rest of the participants.

– It helps the group to focus on a particular issue and thus exclude distracting propositions.

– It prompts to take subsequent steps represented in all detailed information.

– The possibility of using it to analyze any problem.

The effectiveness of this technique is indicated in service facilities, and it has led to good results.

Fishbone Ishikawa Model design steps:

This method is one of the easy methods that are used in analyzing the problem and determining its particulars. It helps in dividing the problem and clarifying its main dimensions and then its precise sub-dimensions. There are certain steps that must be followed to design the fishbone diagrams, which can be summarized in two steps:

– Defining the problem under study:

When you write down the details of the problem, you have half of the solution. Here, there must be agreement among the members of the team that seeks to solve the issue and that the problem is specific and clear, because solving the problem various ideas and alternatives presented that address the problem from several angles, through the use of the brainstorming method.

– Starting to analyze the problem:

In this step, the following is done:

1- Use the head of the fish on the right or left of the page and write inside the identified problem.

2- Then draw a horizontal line from the base of this triangle representing the backbone of the problem (the fish’s body)

3- Determine the main causes of the problem:

In this step, the main causes of the problem are identified, which the team believes could be a major cause of the problem, by drawing oblique lines in the form of an acute angle, and thus the shape appears as a fish’s body.

4- Study the sub-causes of the problem:

Determining the main causes of the problem, and here the question is asked what led to the occurrence of this cause, and then recording the answer as branches or sub-causes.

5- Cause Analysis:

At this stage, the non-influential elements or the reasons that the team considers are not directly related to the problem or are not a cause of its occurrence are deleted, then solutions and alternatives are formulated to solve the problem.


Where is the fishbone analysis diagrams used?

It can be used personally or at the level of companies, but its uses in solving corporate problems is widespread, as the majority of the main elements of the most problems have been identified, and they often go into this list.

– Devices, equipment and tools

– Method of work or processing / procedures / systems

– Raw materials or product components/suppliers

– Human energy/skills and psychological and mental states of humans

– Financial strength/budget

– Method of measurement and continuous inspection

– Political, religious and natural influences/weather/environment

– Preventive maintenance

– Management method

– Supply and demand

Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates

Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates

This very well-made Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams PowerPoint Presentation Template of 20 different and beautifully designed helps you and your team explore and search the potential causes of an issue so you can eventually solve problems in an effective way. You start with brainstorming some ideas then organize them into groups to understand the root causes of the problem. A Fishbone Diagram is very useful when you have a shortage of quantitative data, you can totally rely on the experience of your team and their evaluation.

This Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates is vibrant with colors and has modern design to inspire you through the whole process. Use this PPT to attract the eye of the viewer and make everything clear and well shown.  And because it is a PowerPoint template, that means you can totally reshape it the way you want. Changing the colors, fonts, and icons. You can move elements and create a whole new outcome that fits your style and needs


Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates


Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates


Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates


Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates


Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram PPT Templates


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