How to design a professional and purposeful Logo that attracts the audience at first sight

A logo is a simple design that expresses the message of your company or the services you provide and it contributes to forming the first impression that your entity leaves in the eyes of the public, whether this audience is competitors, customers, or investors. The process of designing the right logo for your company requires a lot of research, creativity, and understanding your company well because it is so important.


What is the importance of the Logo?

– It contributes to forming a positive first impression on the customer, through which you are distinguished from competitors in the same field, and your brand remains stuck in the memory of customers when they need your product or service.

– Your mastery and taste in choosing the smallest details in your logo make you a special and distinctive identity in your field.

– By choosing a distinctive logo for you, you can communicate your message and the services you provide to customers.

– When you pay attention to the smallest details of your logo and how perfect it is, this reflects how much you care about every detail, which will impress and attract customers to your project.

– The more elegant and professional your logo is and indicates what you offer, it assures customers how well you master your work.


Tips for designing a professional and attractive logo:

Designing a professional logo requires a lot of thinking about your brand and the message you want to convey to the recipient. You must specify your goal in designing the logo before anything else because this will affect the entire course of the design process. Some may be ignorant of the fact that designing a distinctive logo necessitates huge effort, research, and trying to reach satisfactory results, but whether you want to design a logo for your site, company, or your store, we offer you golden tips that will help you to be able to design a distinctive logo yourself, even if this is your attempt First in the field of design:

1. Select the type of logo you want to design:

There are well-known types of logos among the community of designers, which greatly facilitate the design process, and these types are inspired by reality and the famous designs of the most famous companies and international brands, you must know which type you will adopt in designing your logo, and the most important of these types:

Lettermarks logos: In this type certain letters (can be the initials of your name or your company’s) are selected and tuned with color in the background. As the logo of the famous IBM, the computer manufacturer HP, the global clothing manufacturer H&M, or the famous McDonald’s chain.

Wordmarks logos: such as the Facebook logo, Visa, Coca-Cola, and Google. This type of logo is designed by writing the name of your company or service in regular letters, and of course, you can play with fonts and colors as Google does. Um die lebendige Kombination der Farben und den Nervenkitzel der Casino-Unterhaltung zu erleben, können Sie auch roulette echt geld spielen.

Logo Symbols: In this type, a specific symbol or simple icon is chosen to be a distinctive sign for your site or company, such as the Nike and Apple logos.

The Combination Mark: This type is a combination of two or more of the previously mentioned types, such as the Adidas clothing company logo and the Pizza hut or burger king logo.

2. Find inspiration and then design a unique logo:

To design a logo, you must first have a specific idea in your head or a certain inspiration. Then you turn that idea into a real-world design. Several inspiring sources help you with this, such as searching in graphic design websites and platforms such as Behance and browsing the work of designers to get inspiration for your design, or searching in search engines and different image sites for your field, you will find many great ideas in your field of interest. , but remember that the task of the logo is to create a mental image of your brand so that users can associate your brand with the logo as soon as they see it, and of course, you do not want people to look at your logo and remember another brand, this is like a failure before starting so never try to copy or Even hinting at a logo that already exists and has been implemented before.

3. Simplicity is the key to a successful logo design:

The logo is not a painting on a wall in an exhibition, people stand in front of it and take the time to contemplate it. It is common for people to quickly look at the logo and pass judgment on it very quickly, and you may wonder how a simple design can draw attention. This is illogical. Putting a lot of work into it will seem more interesting, but the reality is usually the opposite, a complex logo can be a big challenge to read and understand what negatively affects what you want people to see or understand from your brand, and if you look at all the companies that have the strongest brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other companies will find that their logo is very simple, and this ensures that simple designs are always more professional and satisfying. And do not forget that everything simple is easy to remember visually.

4. Effectively use negative spaces in your logo:

By using the spaces to form a shape or symbol that has a meaning in the logo industry, the logo gives great value, drawing the attention of the audience and calling them to focus. The FedEx logo is one of the best logos that embody the optimal use of negative spaces in the design, and this logo and other similar logos may seem banal at first glance, but upon closer examination, interesting and well-thought-out details reveal the greatness of this design and the creativity of the designer.

5. Choose logo colors carefully:

One of the most important considerations for logo design is choosing the right colors, as each color has its meaning, and you must be keen to know these indications to improve the choice, and this is not a secondary matter. Colors are a form of non-verbal communication and their consistency is very important. The color expresses the meaning of the logo in addition to being related to the main idea of ​​the logo, so we find that experienced designers choose the colors first.

6. Use geometric shapes to draw your logo:

Perhaps you will not believe, but in fact, many of the logos that you see and amaze with their innovative designs are overlapping geometric shapes, and this method of design helps you to produce a lot of drawings and shapes more accurately and easily than the free method, especially if you have not had previous attempts at design.

7. Ask for the opinions of those around you and do not be biased to your own:

So as not to fall prey to your taste, which may not comply with the aesthetic standards of the audience, show your design to a group of specialists to evaluate its quality, and you can use a few friends whose taste you trust and ask them to give you their first impression of the logo and check with them whether it should be done a specific modification. for example, if you design your logo in different colors, you can ask their help to choose the best color, but remember that you do not have to take their advice if you are not convinced of it, just listen to their views and think about them before you adopt the final design of your logo.


Best sites for a professional logo design:

You will not need to resort to a designer or a specialized company to design and implement your logo, thanks to the availability of many sites that help you design your logo yourself.


How to design a professional and purposeful Logo

Is one of the most important and simplest free sites in the field of design, which helps in making all kinds of professional designs easily, as it offers a huge number of wonderful designs in various fields, to choose the best among them, and you can also change it to suit your project and your use, and the site offers designs in fixed dimensions It is suitable for different uses, but if you want to change these dimensions you can easily do so.


Shopify Logo Maker

How to design a professional and purposeful Logo

One of the largest sites in the field of e-commerce, which offers us a free tool for creating logos in any language, is “Hatchful”. When you want to create your logo, just register the name and specify your field of work, and you will get different templates, where you can change fonts, try different colors, and replace the icon with another until you reach satisfactory results.


Free Logo Services

How to design a professional and purposeful Logo

If you are a beginner in designing logos, this website is suitable for you, the site contains ready-made templates, to choose from among them what suits you and design your logo yourself, but if you want to use and download it, you must buy it first, as this service is not free, and when you download the logo, the website sends it in various formats different.


Online Logo Maker

How to design a professional and purposeful Logo

It is a free website dedicated to online logos, available in several different languages, and is characterized by ease of use and speed in providing the service. Online Logo Maker provides an endless number of design templates, fonts, and various colors to choose what suits you best.


Design Mantic

How to design a professional and purposeful Logo

It is a site that offers several services, including a free logo maker, but you will not be able to download and use logos until you purchase them first.

The website is characterized by ease of use and the presence of a large number of different icons and colors that satisfy your taste, with the ability to modify them as you wish to get the appropriate shape, and you can download logo files in different formats.


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